Custom Projects

Method Development and Product Comparisons

MAS was born with a mandate to revolutionize asbestos characterization through TEM. When you put materials scientists, geologists, biologists, and specialists in other disciplines together, there are very few problems they will not tackle.

Over the decades, MAS added capabilities and scientists who investigate regulations, develop methods, design studies, and build characterization protocols to combat our clients’ challenges.

MAS specializes in collaborating with our clients to design custom analysis plans.  We utilize a wide variety of existing qualitative or quantitative methods or create and validate new ones to deliver solutions.

Specialized Accessories

Compliance Proficiency

Project Phases

Analysis Categories

Customizable Space

Method Competencies

Environmental, Exposure, and Evaluation Study Exemplars

– Simulate extractions, leachables, and migrations
– Process & product examination under controlled conditions
– Measure occupational, collateral, and environmental exposures
– Emulate industrial environments through work practice studies
– Study potential release and analysis of hazardous air pollutants
– Characterize off-gassed VOCs and other airborne chemicals
– Visualize dispersion, application thickness, and efficacy of aerosol products
– Analyze dust particle sizes, distributions, and depositions
– Model localized ventilation effects per OSHA standards

Our clients drive our evolution, so we invite you to contact us to collaborate with you on a customized analysis plan.


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