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MAS, LLC News Room 

New Instrument, Enhanced Capabilities

Click to see Hitachi SU-8230 FE-SEM with Bruker Quantax Flat Quad EDS

Just A Quick Microscopy Update

MAS Serves: aerospace, automotive, nuclear, chemicals, oil and gas, polymers and plastics, packaging, adhesives, medical devices, etc. 

Final Silica Osha Rule

OSHA requires hazard communication training for workers exposed to crystalline silica, and requires a respirator program until engineering controls are implemented. 

Possible New Standard for 1 - Bromopropane

MAS, LLC performs work practice studies on a variety of products and processes.  A study on 1-BP was performed that measured personal exposure during parts cleaning activities.

Trace Metals, USP 232/233 Update

USP 231 has been replaced with USP 232 Elemental Impurities Limits and USP 233 Elemental Impurities procedures. 

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