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For 30 years, MAs has been a leader in chemical analysis and materials testing


Founded in 1987 MAS, LLC consists of five (5) departments and/or groups: (1) LEED emissions and compliance testing, (2) Microscopy, (3) IH Chemistry, (4) Microbiology, and (5) Research. Three of the above groups specialize in the analysis and identification of workplace contaminants such as mists, vapors, gases, dusts, particulates, fumes, bacteria and fungi. MAS is accredited by AIHA, DEA, NVLAP, and A2LA. Most of our staff are either chemists or materials testing engineers or technicians. 

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Dr. William Longo is a Material Scientist/Electron Microscopist who specializes in the analysis of asbestos containing materials. In 1983, he founded Micro Analytical Laboratories, which became one of the first commercial labs in the country to provide Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) analysis of asbestos-containing air and dust samples. 

In 1987, Dr. Longo became president of MAS, LLC. Under his guidance, MAS grew into a leading laboratory in the fields of chemical analysis and materials characterization for a number of industries including: occupational health and safety, environmental and engineering services, industrial hygiene, and building and construction materials. It was Dr. Longo’s visionary leadership that led to the development of MAS’s Exposure Characterization Lab (ECL). This state-of-the-art test chamber provides manufacturers an opportunity to evaluate, develop, and actually use new products prior to their release, under controlled laboratory conditions. 
As a widely-regarded expert on materials analysis, Dr. Longo has been published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, Inhalation Toxicology, and other industry leading publications. He is a sought-after presenter at industry, standards and governmental organization meetings. In 1993, he led the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D-22 Committee on Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheres and was the prime author for the Dust Sampling Method for the Quantification of Asbestos Surface Contamination (ASTM D-5755 Dust Sample Method). Dr. Longo holds degrees in Microbiology, Materials Science and Engineering, and received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida. He holds a patent for the synthesis of protein microspheres for cancer drug targeting applications. 

PhiLlip Russell at first job after graduate school running a cameca electron microscope which he obtained, set up and ran as his first task at solar energy research institute in golden co. 1980

Phillip RusseLL

Director and Consultant, Materials Analytical Services, Inc. (now MAS, LLC) Development of new technologies for semiconductor and analytical instrumentation fields.  Successfully implemented programs in electron optical systems, focused ion beam (FIB) technology and Scanned probe microscopy (STM and AFM).


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