Innovative Consulting Services

This facility allows for the assessment of:

  • Worker/occupational exposures during product use

  • Environmental and collateral exposures during product use

  • Potential need for respiratory protection and protective clothing during product use

  • Potential release and analysis of hazardous air pollutant (HAPs)

  • Off-gassed VOCs and other airborne chemicals

  • Dispersion, application thickness and efficacy of aerosol products

  • Dust analysis including particle sizes, irreparable fraction, particle distributions & depositions

  • Localized ventilation effects per OSHA standards

These and other conditions are safely assessed in our self-contained Environmental Characterization Laboratory (ECL). This facility features an operational decontamination unit with shower, available Grade D supplied air for study participants, and a separate HEPA filtration system. The ECL can be configured in a wide range of layouts and custom build-out scenarios to replicate a broad range of building conditions. Additionally, the ECL is fitted with state of the art video recording capabilities to capture/record simulated work activities and product performance during our assessments.

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