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chinese drywall testing

  MAS has developed a proprietary analytical methodology for identification of sulfur gas producing Chinese drywall.  
chinese drywall testing
  Chinese drywall

Chinese drywall testing

drywall sulfur gas testing


Reports of Drywall "Cases" Meeting FL-DOH's Case Definition - PDF

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MAS, a world leader in forensic construction materials analysis, has developed a proprietary analytical methodology for identification of sulfur gas producing Chinese drywall. Unique to this method is the submission of small 2" x 2" drywall samples (resulting in less damage, quicker sampling and easier repairs). With minimum invasive sampling, one can detect corrosion causing drywall and pin-point its location inside an impacted home - vastly reducing the need for unnecessary demolition.

Extensive testing of in-situ control samples at MAS has resulted in a method which conclusively distinguishes sulfur gas producing Chinese drywall based on the emission of carbon disulfide (CS2). CS2 is produced by all types of problematic drywall materials utilizing a proprietary procedure developed at MAS for the testing of suspect problematic drywall. Costly tear-outs are not required to confirm the link between household corrosion, reported occupant symptoms, and the presence of the sulfur gases producing Chinese drywall.
MAS Emissions
Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Strontium Iron
Quantitative Results Yes No No Possible
False Positive No Possible Possible Yes
Actual Odor Tested Yes No No No

Dr. Bill Longo, President of MAS, states, “There is a lot of misinformation being released to the general public and unsubstantiated data used by labs and agencies to identify problem Chinese drywall. We have tested or assessed each of the protocols that have been routinely referenced in the press and we can tell you in no uncertain terms that using metal analysis for strontium or pyrite, and microscopic techniques to differentiate problem Chinese drywall from non-sulfur gas producing drywall, simply do not work. We found that when enough regular drywall controls were compared to Chinese drywall using these techniques, there was really no significant difference.”
After extensive research on drywall collected from impacted and non-impacted homes in several states, MAS scientists developed a reliable GC/MS based protocol that can distinguish problem gas producing Chinese drywall from non-gas producing drywall products. Other methods (IR, XRF, etc.) are only qualitative (positive/negative) and may produce false positives (wrong results). The MAS method stands alone producing reliable quantitative results that are both fast and economical and this GC/MS type analysis has been accepted and used for decades in legal proceedings.

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spectrum analysis

Example Analysis
Mass Spectrum ION Analysis for CS2
MAS In The News  
MAS Scientists Lead in Investigation of Chinese Drywall Concerns
Dr. Mark Rigler of MAS is working with Sen. Julie Quinn, of Metairie, Louisiana to address the health concerns and corrosion issues surrounding the use of Chinese drywall installed as a result of the re-building efforts following damage caused by Hurricane Katrina to residential homes and businesses.